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Desertshore – Arc of an Arrow Blind – Album Review

Desertshore – Arc of an Arrow Blind – Album Review by Killian Laher

American instrumental band Desertshore are a band loosely associated with Mark Kozelek, in fact guitar player Phil Carney is ex-Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon. This will give you an idea of the sound of their fifth album – languid electric guitar lines backed up by washes of keyboard. Opener Weather In Our Veins leans heavily on keyboard to pleasant effect, while the ringing guitars of Blurring Together will appeal to Kozelek fans disillusioned by his recent material. The latter track is one of the lovelier moments here, featuring violin and a fine turn on piano by Chris Connolly. Floating is described perfectly by its title, the track does this prettily for four minutes or so.

There is something of an over-reliance on keyboards on this album compared to previous releases, on Sky Drifter Carney’s guitar is almost overwhelmed by keyboards. The bass-y six minute Descend Like The Sun is quite repetitive and it doesn’t develop into anything. Later into the album there are many pleasant moments, particularly the lazy drifts of Night Held In Sudden Grace and To Cross This Great Expanse.

Previous albums had featured Mark Kozelek on vocals, however there are no vocals present here, leaving this collection, though generally lovely, feeling a bit samey and lacking a focus at times.

Track List:

1. Weather In Our Veins
2. Sky Drifter
3. Blurring Together
4. Arc of an Arrow Blind
5. Floating
6. Descend Like The Sun
7. Doorway Gestures
8. Night Held In Sudden Grace
9. To Cross This Great Expanse
10. Afterimages (Behind Your Eyes)


Listen to the Album here:




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