TV Picks of the Week – 22-05-17


Our top telly choices for the week ahead. A Twin Peaks free zone, as you’re already well aware it’s on…

Documentary – The Secret History of My Family

Tuesday 23 May, 9pm, BBC4

If you love genealogical show Who Do You Think You Are, then you’ll find this right up your street. This episode of the series tells the story of three pick pocketing sisters who were raised in 1830s London, at a time when there was a huge criminal underbelly in the city.

Two of the Gadbury sisters were sent off to Australia as part of their punishment whilst one sister stayed behind in England. The descendants of the Aussie transplanted sisters include two Supreme Court judges and a government premier whilst the descendants of the sister who stayed in England include a bin man and a window cleaner. A really fascinating story that shows how random life and its twists and turns can be.

Film – Whiplash

Saturday 27 May, 9.20pm, RTE2

A fairly unrelenting and tough film to watch at times, Whiplash was the toast of the award season in 2014/2015 and made a star out of its lead actor, Miles Teller.

He plays Andrew, who is a first year student at a prestigious music academy in New York and dreams of becoming a famous jazz musician. He seems to be on an upward spiral when he’s picked by teacher Terence Fletcher (JK Simmons) to join his group but he’s soon subjected to a litany of abuse and is pushed to his very limits. Directed by Damien Chazelle (he of La La Land fame), Whiplash has a story that will keep you guessing at every turn in the story.

Drama – The Handmaid’s Tale

Sunday 26 May, 9pm, Channel 4

This drama series has been a big hit in the US and now comes to Irish screens thanks to Channel 4. Based on the Margaret Atwood novel, The Handmaid’s Tale is set in a dystopian future where women are treated as property of a fundamentalist government and a civil war is ongoing.

The handmaids of the title are the few remaining fertile women in a society where there’s widespread infertility due to the environmental effects of war. These women are conscripted to have sex with men from the ruling elite and keep procreating to create new life. Elisabeth Moss plays Offred, one of the handmaids, and has gotten rave reviews for her portrayal.



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