Snatched – Film Review

Snatched – Film Review by Louise O’Meara

Director: Jonathan Levine
Writer: Katie Dippold
Stars: Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Kim Caramele

Snatched is the latest comedy block buster from comedic writer Katie Dippold, starring Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer as a mother and daughter duo. Whilst it could be refreshing to watch two strong females character actresses lead a journey, the script doesn’t live up to expectations and the film remains a conceptually sound idea that lacks in operation.

Snatched is a standard Hollywood comedy and assumes that having a structurally sound script and two charismatic stars attached is enough to thrill its audience. We are first introduced to Emily (Schumer), a spirited and slightly hapless, selfie loving twenty-something. Promptly, we are told (literally through the words of her boyfriend as he breaks up with her) that she lacks direction in life. But Emily has booked a non-refundable vacation to Ecuador for the two of them. What to do now? Enter Hawn as her overly sensible, cat loving mom Linda. A woman, once a fire-cracker in her time, who has lost her joie de vivre. So the two head off to a resort in Ecuador for an adventure filled holiday. The action ends up off the beaten track, due to Emily’s irresponsible choices, resulting in the duo’s kidnapping.

Although there are some humorous moments, this film is never laugh out loud funny. We know exactly what is going to happen from beginning to end, the actors are never challenged, there is not a shred of human depth or real emotion and by the end the characters only slightly, maybe, learn something new.

The two actresses are playing character types rather than real humans and so it is almost impossible to feel any sort of empathy for them as they struggle through the Colombian jungle. Schumer’s character ends up murdering a few local Colombian gangsters and it is so casually executed (excuse the pun) that it is quite off putting. The plot is so standard and presentational that it undermines any moments of comedy that Hawn and Schumer manage to achieve and results in feelings of irritation due to its arrogance. Perhaps if Hawn and Schumer were left alone to just improvise for 90 minutes the result might have been a more exciting and funny to watch. The two women are undoubtedly talented, Schumer plays her usual abrasive and sexually explicit type and it is so nice to see the charming and quirky Hawn on screen again. But they are the saving grace of the film. This is even more frustrating because it is the first time we have seen Hawn on screen in nearly 15 years and this is how she is utilized. Maybe she’s easing herself back into it. Let’s hope so because she is capable of far greater things than this.

Snatched is mildly entertaining. Something to play in the background whilst you’re doing the ironing but definitely not the summer comedy sensation it wants to be.




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