TV Picks of the Week – 15-05-17

TV PICKS OF THE WEEK – 15-05-17 By Lisa Jewell

Make a date or set your DVR for our top telly choices this week

Documentary – Ivanka Trump: America’s Real First Lady

Monday 15 May, 9pm, Channel 4

Melania Trump’s influence as a First Lady has been noticeably absent when compared to Michelle Obama – probably her most impactful action so far was when she nudged Donald to put his hand on his heart during the National Anthem (and oh yes, the irony of it being an immigrant who reminded the President!)

The real power in the First Lady role belongs to Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump. This documentary profiles the businesswoman and mother who has long been a confidante for her father but has really stepped it up since he took office as the President, along with her husband Jared Kushner. Ivanka has a desk at the White House though officially, everything is symbolic and advisory as a 1967 anti-nepotism law forbids the president of the US from hiring relatives.

Journalist Matt Frei travels to Washington to discover more about Ivanka, her politics and the influence that she holds over her father.

Drama – Three Girls

Tuesday 16 May, 9pm, BBC1

Three part drama series with a stellar cast that includes Maxine Peake, Lesley Sharp, Lisa Riley and Paul Kaye. It tells the true story of the Rochdale child sex abuse ring in the UK in 2012 – where underage girls were targeted for sex trafficking and rape.

The focus of the story is on three girls, beginning with Holly who is new to Rochdale and keen to make friends. She soon finds herself caught up in a nightmare world that she can’t escape from. Subsequent episodes focus on the other girls’ stories and also on the authorities who failed to protect them, including the police.

Film – Philomena

Saturday 20 May, 9pm, BBC2

It started as an independent film focusing on the true story of Philomena Lee, an Irish woman who became pregnant at 18, was coerced into having her son adopted and obstructed from finding him later in life. It turned into a massive box office hit – taking home $100 million worldwide. Judi Dench, in the lead role, had a lot to play in its success but the story itself resonated strongly with audiences.

Philomena had been sent to the Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea and was able to stay with her son until he was three and then he was adopted. After failing to track him down, she’s put in contact with world weary journalist Martin Sixsmith. Their journey to find the truth is poignant and the relationship between them is often spiky and humorous.




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