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Q&A with William McCarthy (Augustines) – Workman’s Club – 29-04-17

MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE An Evening with William McCarthy (of Augustines)

We got the chance to talk to William McCarthy about music, poetry and his upcoming night in the Workman’s club. You can see the results below!

The Workman’s Club – Saturday 29 April – Find out more here.

Find out more about William here.

After the recent split of his band Augustines, singer-songwriter William McCarthy, is ready to embark on his second solo tour, titled Music For The People, in the spring of 2017.  While Augustines played their final run of shows last autumn, McCarthy can’t keep his feet still. Currently based in Berlin, he will tour Germany once again in April doing what he does best – telling stories, singing songs he’s written over the past decade and a half, as well as reading from his journals.

What are the bands/ artists that you loved growing up? Are there any albums you were obsessed with?

I was really into skateboarding and punk type of stuff in late grade school. I got into lyrics and Dylan in HS, then reggae, and more indie rock stuff after.

What inspires your lyrics? Do you read much poetry?

I read a bit of poetry, Rambaud, Lorca that kind of stuff. But I think traveling inspires my lyrics most.

The new show ‘Music for the People’ promises readings and stories as well as music. Is this a new departure?

I like storytelling!! I did an entire story telling tour last year, but this is more music focused.

Will your new music will be very different form what you produced previously? Will the solo work take you in a new direction?

Yes, you will have to wait and hear!

How are you finding touring without the band?

I miss my boys, but I’m also being challenged in such a great way.

I always feel there is a greater intimacy from a solo performance than you get from a band. It’s like the the fourth wall has been removed, to borrow a phrase from theatre. Do you find yourself talking and sharing more with the audience?

There really is no net, I find it makes for a more visceral or clever performance. It’s a raw experience for sure but with lots of laughs.


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