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Benjamin Finger – Ghost Figures – Album Review

Benjamin Finger – Ghost Figures – Album Review by Killian Laher

Pianist Benjamin Finger has released his latest album Ghost Figures. It’s a collection of instrumental pieces that leans towards the creepier end of piano music right from the opener Ghostflowers, featuring running water sounds et al to create extra atmosphere. Other tracks such as Witness Hitch, Without Traces and Distance of a Shadow have a pensive, thoughtful quality to them. There’s a low, understated cello on Shadow Figures which creates one of the warmer moments on the album.

A bit of variety is added with rumbling guitars on Batting An Eye and the seemingly at random drumming and crowd noises on Moment Arises. Other tracks such as Drop Effect and Shred of Evidence are forays into more ambient territory, the latter featuring plenty of incidental sounds. A Missing Link on the other hand seems like piano keys literally being played at random without forming any discernible melody.

An interesting, if at times odd, collection of pieces.

Track List:

1. Ghostflowers
2. Shadow Figures
3. Spitting Distance
4. Batting an Eye
5. Inch of Life
6. Strings Attached
7. Drop Effect
8. Witness Hitch
9. Shred of Evidence
10. Without Traces
11. Moment Arises
12. A Missing Link
13. Outside of You
14. Distance of a Shadow


Distance of a Shadow:


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