TV Picks of the Week – 20-03-17


TV Picks of the Week by Lisa Jewell

Our top three picks for your telly watching this week.

Documentary – American Justice – Tuesday 21 March, 9pm, BBC2

Three part series that takes a look at the American justice system from the point of view of those who administer it. The first episode focuses on a double murder case in Jacksonville, which is known as the murder capital of Florida. Police and prosecutors are trying to bring to justice whoever strangled an uncle and niece living in a trailer park.

The documentary also follows the story of Trey Wright, who is being prosecuted for the murder of his cousin. The authorities are aware that he didn’t actually shoot the man but a technicality under Florida law means he’s going to face a murder charge.

Documentary – Syria’s Disappeared: The Case Against Assad

Thursday 23 March, 10pm, Channel 4

Six years on from the beginning of the war in Syria, this documentary shines light on the tens of thousands of people who’ve been disappeared by the Assad regime.

Many have been incarcerated in secret detention centres and information is only coming to light through survivors’ testimonies, recollections from family members and the work of international war crimes investigators. Documentation smuggled out of Syria also confirms details of these internment centres and the programme connects with three individual stories to show just how devastating the effect of their imprisonment has been.

Film – This is England – Saturday 25 March, 9pm, Film 4

Written and directed by Shane Meadows, this 2006 film is set in England in the 1980s. It focuses on a group of young skinheads and the divisions within that group, creating issues around allegiance and identity. The story follows Shaun, a 12 year old boy, who gets into a fight at school when someone makes a joke about his father who died in the Falklands War. When he runs into a group of skinheads who sympathise with him, he ends up joining the group. But when the group splits in two and one faction follows a nationalist and racist route, which path will Shaun follow?

Make sure to follow up on the film by watching This is England 86 and This is England 88, two spin off TV series.



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