Real Bodies – Ambassador Theatre – Review

Real Bodies – Ambassador Theatre – Review

Until 31st May

The Real Bodies exhibition has just opened in the Ambassador Theatre, Dublin. For those that don’t know, this is a collection of human bodies that have been preserved and displayed in a number of bizarre poses or states. The bodies have been dismantled to expose various sections of their structure, or to just plain look cool!

The most surprising thing about the bodies is that they don’t feel real. You would expect to be quite unnerved by the experience, but for whatever reason the bodies appear to be complicated models and you don’t feel traumatised by the experience.


The exhibition is broken up into a number of different topics, such as digestion, circulation etc, each exploring a different process that the body can perform. The one thing that unites most of the bodies is their love of sports! One plays tennis, another football or basketball. I can imagine that once the door is locked for the night, the bodies come alive and have a great game of five-a-side football!

Along with the bodies, there are a number of display cases showing individual organs or sections of the body. In all there are 14 full bodies and a variety of other body parts on display. While each room has a topic and elements of the body are explored and explained, it is not particularly heavy on science. It is more of a chance to see what the innards of a human look like without having to get arrested. It’s a most unusual experience indeed!

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