Interview with Lilo Blues – Hare Squead – Young Blood: The Beats and Voices of Our Generation – NCH – 18-03-2017

Interview with Lilo Blues – Hare Squead – Young Blood: The Beats and Voices of Our Generation – NCH – 18-03-2017 

Young Blood: The Beats and Voices of Our Generation – National Concert Hall – 18-03-2017 20:00

Featuring – Abby Oliveira, Colm Keegan, Felispeaks, Hare Squead, John Cummins, Katie Laffan, Kojey Radical (UK), Natalya O’Flaherty, The Rusangano Family, Sarah Clancy, Stephen James Smith.

Hare Squead are Lilo Blues, Tony Konstone, and Jessy Rose.

As part of the St. Patrick’s Festival, there is a gig at the National Concert Hall displaying the best in Irish Hip-hop! Names such as Hare Squead and the Rusangano Family will be performing. We had the chance to talk to Lilo Blues of Hare Squead about the music he listened to during his teenage years and also the Young Blood event. You can see the results below…


What were the albums that made you realise you loved music during your teenage years and why did you fall in love with them?

D’angelo’s Brown Sugar record was one of my favourite albums growing up. I love how high he can sing and the funny thing is that I feel that I can only sing when my voice is pretty high….I guess listening to that nigga somewhat gave me some sort of confidence to sing and shit.


Have you ever performed in the National Concert Hall before? Did you ever think you would?

Never performed there before and guess I never really thought of performing there either only cuz it isn’t really the venue that comes to mind when you think of our music. But now ya got some hip hop taking place in a location that’s most commonly associated with classical shit….kinda sexy

This gig is a great addition to the St Patrick’s festival. Do you know many of the other performers personally?

My cousin used to be best friends with Katie Laffan. Small ass werrldd



Irish hip hop continues to grow every year. What new performers would you recommend our listeners to check out?

Lelo Blooze, Jessy Rose, Tony Konstone and Brady Junior. G’night folks




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