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Golf Lexapro EP – Review

Golf Lexapro EP – Review by Killian Laher

Golf Lexapro is the recording name for New Yorker James Rainis. This debut EP contains slightly ‘off’, nonchalant guitar songs, very reminiscent of Pavement. Opener Beatitudes encapsulates this half-arsed attitude, with a shuffling beat, deftly played guitar and mumbled lyrics about how “yeah you fucked it”. It’s glorious. Bluetooth Repair is another potential slacker anthem, opening with Rainis drawling “being hungover and tired is good exercise for the mind”, updating the aesthetic to include lyrical references to Facetime and Netflix.

The hesitant, gentle guitar of Trash Day introduces a lazy grind of a song which sees Rainis musing about taking “the garbage out on Monday but where does it go”. In other words, kind of nonsense but it sounds cool, particularly with such perfectly skewed guitar. The lazy groove of the curiously named Ray Davies, Get Off My Lawn! has more pleasant pondering about vomiting in cabs, while final track Watering Plants has the effortless charm of prime-Malkmus, rounding off a debut EP which makes the creator sound like he’s been releasing music for years. Available from bandcamp.

Track List:

1. Beatitudes
2. Bluetooth Repair
3. Trash Day
4. WebMD
5. Ray Davies, Get Off My Lawn!
6. Watering Plants



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