Interview with Katie Laffan – Young Blood – The Beats and Voices of Our Generation – NCH – 18-03-2017

Interview with Katie Laffan – Young Blood  – NCH – 18-03-2017 

Young Blood – The Beats and Voices of Our Generation – National Concert Hall – 18-03-2017

Featuring – Abby Oliveira, Colm Keegan, Felispeaks, Hare Squead, John Cummins, Katie Laffan, Kojey Radical (UK), Natalya O’Flaherty, The Rusangano Family, Sarah Clancy, Stephen James Smith

As part of the St. Patrick’s Festival, there is a gig at the National Concert Hall place “the voices, the rhythms, the musings and the mutterings of a young Irish generation, front and centre”! Names such as Hare Squead and the Rusangano Family will be performing. We had the chance to talk to Katie Laffan about the music she listened to during his teenage years and also the Young Blood event. You can see the results below…

What were the albums that made you realise you loved music during your teenage years and why did you fall in love with them?

The main ones are Travelling without Moving my Jamiroquai, Back to Black by Amy, Reggatta De Blanc by the Police and Kanye’s College Drop Out. They all iconic albums for me. They are all some of my biggest idols.

Shirley Bassey is definitely a huge inspiration in terms of the eccentricity in which she performs and dresses, it is what I would aspire to and of course Bjork’s way of expressing her musical ideas too.

I’m a huge fan of a lot of music so that is all a stripped down version of what I’d be inspired by, I’d be here for days listing albums.

Have you ever performed in the National Concert Hall before? Did you ever think you would?

Nope, I went to see Bobby McFerrin in the concert hall a few years ago and I remember being blown away by him and the venue really captured his sound.

I’m no Bobby McFerrin but I wish I could go back and tell 15 year old me I’d be playing there in 5 years. I never ever ever thought I’d get to perform there so I’m really looking forward to it.



This gig is a great addition to the St Patrick’s festival. Do you know many of the other performers personally?

It is indeed, if i wasn’t playing, I’d be front row. The line up is class.

I don’t really know anyone personally, but I’m a huge fan of Russangano, Stephan James and Hare Squed though, they are unreal, I’ve seen them all live loads.

I also got to meet Natalya O’Flaherty through this, she’s something else and she’s really sound so I’m delighted I have been introduced to what she does through this. I’m defo a fan.


Irish hip hop continues to grow every year. What new performers would you recommend our listeners to check out?

Irish hip hop is having an good ol boom right now.

My faves are Sean X, Damola, jafaris and barq are deadly too.

There’s so many really, it’s a very exciting time for Irish music.



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