The Collector – New Theatre – Review


The Collector – New Theatre – Review by Frank L.

The Collector by Daniel Wade
Presented by Daniel Wade in association with Underdog Theatre Productions
Jan 23rd – Feb 4th @ 7.30pm

This is the first stage play written by Daniel Wade, he having previously written a radio play “The Outer Darkness” broadcast on Dublin South FM. The Collector is one hour in duration but is ambitious in that it has five actors and concerns at least two important social issues.

The principal character Oren is an early twenties, motorbike rider who is not gainfully employed nor shows any signs of wanting to be. He has an ability to find trouble. The play begins with Oren arriving into a pool hall from which he is barred from entering. The pool hall has a fine pool table and an atmospheric set of lights hanging above it. It makes a good set.

An altercation ensues between Oren and the manager of the joint, Des, who happens to be Oren’s uncle. He is eventually allowed to stay but makes himself scarce as two full-time criminals who are looking for Oren arrive. The plot thickens and an American who had been friendly with Oren’s brother also come into the mix. These five individuals are connected in a tenuous plot which is set against the subliminal world of borrowing from criminal gangsters.

The plot has important issues involving suicide and homosexuality but given the intricacies of the plot and the shortness of the play neither of these issues were properly developed.  There was in addition several violent incidents which were performed on stage. It probably would have been wiser if some of these were to have taken place off stage and described by the actors. Violence is difficult to carry out on stage realistically. In short this was an ambitious play which needed more thought as to how its full potential could have been achieved.


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