Banjo & Bovril Festival – The Harbour Bar, Bray 25-29 January 2017


Banjo & Bovril Festival – The Harbour Bar, Bray – 25 – 29 January

A great little festival if you’re anywhere near Bray this week, is the wonderfully names ‘Banjo & Bovril’ Festival in the Harbour Bar, Bray. It includes acts such as Mick Flannery and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, so not to be missed. The best thing is that all gigs are free! Candlelit Tales will also be performing. Check out the full details below.




Our Banjo & Bovril Trad & Folk Festival, now in its third year is named to offer a worthy hat-tip to days long gone, when fishermen would come ashore from time spent on the Irish Sea. First stop, The Harbour Bar. Here they’d have a cup of Bovril to warm themselves up – before settling into a night drinking porter, singing and playing banjos, guitars, bodhráns, mandolins and whatever other instruments were at hand. Join us in the Harbour Bar from Wednesday 25th – Sunday 29th January as we celebrate Irish music with some of the country’s greatest purveyors of trad and folk. All gigs are FREE!


Mick Flannery • The Eskies • Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh

Bunoscionn • David Keenan • AnTara

Los Paddy’s De Las Pampas • Gabriel G Diges Band

The Tiny Quartet • Lucia Comnes • Rake the Ashes • Crooked Jack

Brand New Switcheroo • Seodín

In addition to this year’s musical element of the festival, The Loft upstairs in The Harbour Bar will also be in full swing. We’ll be welcoming The Circle Sessions back with their unique style of storytelling, spoken word, music, drama or whatever performance happens to come their way! We’ll also have The Harbour Ukuleles doing their thing, tin whistle workshops and plenty more over the weekend.

We’re really looking forward to welcoming The Candlelit Tales for a very special captivating evening for anyone with an interest in Irish mythology and folktales. Including musical accompaniment on guitar and mandolin, alternating storytellers weave an enchanting evening of entertainment.



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