TV Picks of the Week – 16-01-17



Our top telly choices for the week ahead.

Documentary – Circus Elephant Rampage

Tuesday 17 January, 11pm, BBC4

This gripping Storyville documentary tells the story of Tyke, an elephant that was cruelly treated during her time in a travelling circus and one day just couldn’t take anymore. In 1994, the elephant attacked and killed her trainer during a show and injured dozens others as she fled into the streets of Honolulu.

Equally gripping and sad, this documentary is very much in the vein of Blackfish and features shocking footage and interviews with many of those who knew Tyke and those who witnessed the events on that day.

Documentary – Generation F’d

Thursday 19 January, 10.30pm, RTE2

This three part documentary takes a look at the reality of life in Ireland for the majority of 25 to 35 year olds who are finding it hard to secure a job, a home and a future.

Those who became adults just as the recession hit are the first generation that are virtually guaranteed to not have a better life than the generation that came before them.

It’s an insight that we don’t often see portrayed on our screens but is a reality for those who have a stark choice between emigration and trying to scrape by here at home. With the recent escalation in rent and homelessness crisis, even putting a roof over your head has become a challenge, as we see in this series of programmes.



Film – Postcards from the Edge

Friday 20 January, RTE1, 11.55pm

A timely showing of this sparkling comedy adapted by Carrie Fisher from her own bestselling novel. The film stars Meryl Streep as a young actress dealing with a drug dependency and the feeling of being overshadowed by her mother (played by Shirley MacLaine), a show business legend.

Sound familiar? It’s pretty much a riff on Carrie’s own experience of trying to make it in Hollywood and stay on good terms with her mother Debbie Reynolds. The latter, interestingly enough, always downplayed the comparison to real life when asked about the film in interviews.



Drama – Apple Tree Yard

Sunday 22 January, 9pm, BBC1

There’s nothing like a good BBC drama series to keep you going through the winter nights and this one looks like a cracker. The very talented Emily Watson plays Dr Yvonne Carmichael, who seems to have it all – a successful career, a family and a beautiful home.

But the good life soon takes a turn when she meets a man (played by Ben Chaplin) and embarks on a torrid love affair that has dangerous consequences. This drama has shades of The Fall and is adapted from a thriller novel by Louise Doughty.




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