New Music – Rebekka Karijord – Home


New Music – Rebekka Karijord – Home –  from album ‘Mother Tongue’ out Jan 27th

A new album is on the horizon from Norwegian singer Rebekka Karijord with ‘Mother Tongue’ being released on Jan 27th. If you can’t wait that long, here’s her new single ‘Home’. It’s another haunting piano track but would you expect anything else?

Rebekka Karijord today unveils ‘HOME’ the second song from her forthcoming album Mother Tongue due out on January 27th via Control Freak Kitten Records.  The new album follows ‘We become ourselves’ which was chosen by MOJO Magazine in their Top Albums 2012.

Rebekka outlines the theme of the new song – “Home is a love song about a co-dependent, symbiotic relationship, where the two parts are challenging, taking from and saving each other”.   The video by Ted Malmros and Karijord uses analogue layers of live-projections to reflect the thematics and sound picture of the song.  ‘Home’ was recorded four handed on prepared piano to create arpeggios simulating electronic instruments and synthesizers, as a reflection upon the dialog between the human body and machines.  Rebekka’s hands were filmed several times and projected on top of each other. In the video, Rebekka (wearing her wedding dress) dances with a projected version of herself.

Rebekka’s new album Mother Tongue is a fearless piece of work, largely written following the traumatic arrival, three months early, of her first baby.  But it’s more than an album about childbirth.  Mother Tongue is about instinct, belonging and about finding one’s own emotional language – themes currently evident on a much more global scale.


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