New Music – Justin Carter – Know it All


New Music – Justin Carter – Know it All

A single from Just Carter takes a simple vocal track and plucked strings before layering it with additional vocal tracks. It’s simple and quite striking. Check it out below…

Justin Carter, alongside Eamon Harkin, is one half of popular New York party and record label Mister Saturday Night, and his new album The Leaves Fall (out Feb. 24th) sees him stepping away from the turntables. It was written over five years focusing on his intimate vocals, pointed with hints of Arthur Russell and John Martyn. The album features some outstanding guests — Jason Lindner, pianist on David Bowie’s Blackstar; cello from Archie Pelago’s Greg Heffernan; and programming by LIES and Trilogy Tapes producer Marcos Cabral. It was mixed by Benjamin Tierney, who also worked his magic on Kamasi Washington’s The Epic.

The album’s eight tracks are highlighted by warm acoustic guitars, vibraphones, and organs and flourished with modern production. It finds its context in the world of Mister Saturday Night in a new event series created by Carter and Harkin called Planetarium as well, a long form event with live/experimental/ compositional music sprinkled amongst hours of records.



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