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Brian Eno – Reflection – Album Review


Brian Eno – Reflection – Album Review by Killian Laher

Brian Eno has pioneered so-called ambient music for the last 40 years. He kicks off 2017 by following up last year’s The Ship with this lengthy, instrumental one-track album, only nine months later. Sonically, it’s reminiscent of 1985’s Thursday Afternoon, a gently morphing, drifting 54 minute mass of sound, largely keyboard-generated I suspect. Listening to it, you think of all the modern ambient artists it reminds you of, and then you realise – they were all under the influence of Eno. I think the idea behind a piece like this is that each time you listen, your ear picks out slightly different sounds, thus it’s a kind of shifting sonic soup.

For Eno die-hards, there may be some disappointment as Reflection doesn’t push his sound into new areas. But if it’s a case of taking the title literally, then it probably works pretty well.

Track List

1. Reflection 54:00





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