TV Picks of the Week – 21-11-16



Documentary – Cutting Edge: One Killer Punch

Tues 22 November, 10pm, Channel 4

A timely documentary as deaths from solitary killer punches are sadly popping up in news headlines with much more frequency. You may even have seen a recent campaign here aimed at highlighting the issue to young men.

This Cutting Edge film was shot over two years in the UK and takes a look at three different cases that started out in innocuous circumstances. A row over a parking space in a supermarket car park, a disagreement outside a nightclub and an argument at a teenage house party all result in one life changing act, a deadly punch.

The documentary uses interviews, CCTV and mobile phone archive to illustrate the circumstances in each case and shows the irreversible effects on both the victim’s loved ones and the perpetrator.


Documentary – Who Do You Think You Are?

Thursday 24 November, 8pm, BBC 1

If it feels like this show has been around for donkey’s years, well, that’s because it has. The first series hit the Beeb back in 2004 and now the genealogical juggernaut is back for its thirteenth series.

It kicks off with a look at Danny Dyer’s family history. Would you believe that the quintessential Eastend lad is actually related to two kings of England and Thomas Cromwell? The fascinating thing about this show is seeing the celebrity’s reaction to news of their ancestors, whether it be good or bad, and seeing how their lineage matches up with their personality.

Also in this series is Ricky Tomlinson tracing his Liverpool roots back to the 19th century when the city was massively important in trading circles. Cheryl, she who is formerly Versani Fernandez thingy, also features along with our very own Liz Bonnin, who traces an ancestor who emigrated to the Caribbean as a youngster.



Film – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Saturday 26 November, RTE2, 10.20pm

It didn’t take long for this 2014 Wes Anderson film to become a cinematic cult classic. Ralph Fiennes, better known for his serious dramatic roles, turns on the comedic charm as Gustave H, the concierge of a gorgeous pink palace in 1930s Europe. Tilda Swinton plays an elderly guest at the hotel whose sexual entanglement with Gustave leads to her leaving him a priceless painting.

Her family are not amused and the concierge soon becomes a prime suspect in her supposed murder. Stylistically beautiful, farcically funny and truly entertaining.




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