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Dinosaur Jr. – Vicar Street – Gig Review – 15-11-16


Dinosaur Jr. – Vicar Street – Gig Review by Killian Laher

Dinosaur Jr have been around for 30 years.  They were never part of any movement or trend, they pre-dated grunge and shoegaze, both of which they had some influence over.  They just write good, riff-heavy guitar songs, which often serve as a vehicle for singer/guitarist J Mascis’ excellent guitar playing.

The night opened with Wild Style Lion, an American duo who have been working with Kim Gordon.  Their angry, noise workouts sounded like they badly wanted to be in early Nine Inch Nails, but failed to connect with an audience which included Kevin Shields.  A second support act followed, The Creators, whose brand of generic bluesy pub-rock evoked The Commitments or the Blues Brothers.  They seemed totally out of place last night.

The main act didn’t disappoint.  Mascis and co display little in the way of stagecraft, it’s really just about the music.  The three of them made a formidable sound, playing songs from throughout their catalogue.  Newer songs like Goin Down and the awesome strut of Watch the Corners rubbed shoulders with old favourites like Bulbs of Passion and The Lung.  Bassist Lou Barlow got to sing Love Is, but his vocal was almost completely drowned out by Mascis’ admittedly awe-inspiring guitar.

The almost metal I Walk for Miles inspired the first bout of crowd surfing before they finished with the classic Freak Scene and an extended jam on Gargoyle.  Their music is not so much singalong as stand back and admire the guitars, an encore of Tarpit and Out There ensured that.  You can keep your Rolling Stones, Dinosaur Jr are a real classic rock band who are still vital in concert.

Bulbs of Passion
The Lung
Goin Down
I Told Everyone
Love Is…
The Wagon
Watch the Corners
Feel the Pain
Little Fury Things
Knocked Around
Start Choppin
I Walk for Miles
Freak Scene

Out There



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  1. Great gig… even the almost non existant vocal volume for J or Lou on many songs couldn’t prevent this being a great gig… like the reference to classic rock, ‘cos in between all the references you can make about Dinosaur Jr’s music, there is definately a classic rock element in there to, oddly enough.

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