Trashcan Sinatras – Workman’s Club – November 12th 2016


The Workman’s Club presents Trashcan Sinatras – Saturday, 12 November

I continue to be mystified that this band aren’t massive. I’ve seen them play live three or four times and it’s always been a dazzling experience. They haven’t played in Ireland in about ten years (?) so this is a rare chance that should not be missed! Go or you’ll regret it…

Trashcan Sinatras – Saturday, November 12th – Doors 8pm – Ticket Price: €16



Their brand new album, Wild Pendulum, their first new album in seven years, is the sound of a band that has traveled far from its pastoral past yet never sounded more at home. With crucial production by Mike Mogis, the album is vivid with melodies both epic and intimate. As lead singer Francis Reader says: “We’ve grown into our name, it finally feels like us.”

The band has released a steadfast series of albums dating back to their 1990 debut Cake. Along the way, Reader, guitarists John Douglas and Paul Livingston, drummer Stephen Douglas, and non-touring writing partner Davy Hughes have earned a following whose belief in the band is intrinsic to their success. Financed via the crowd source platform PledgeMusic, Wild Pendulum affirms that the Trashcans’ loveliness is a quality to nurture in this world.

Wild Pendulum is Trashcan Sinatras’ sixth album proper, and first produced by Mike Mogis, best known for his work with Bright Eye, Cursive and Jenny Lewis. “Mike’s an absolute genius, he’ll be seen on the same level as Rick Rubin someday,” testifies Reader. “As soon as we met him I realized he’s a kindred spirit. Mike gave me the confidence to sing these songs. He’d say ‘ten percent less whininess this take’ – and it was funny because it was true!”

Recorded at Mogis’ ARC Studios in Omaha, Nebraska, Wild Pendulum accomplishes the rare feat of being a recognizable piece of the band’s canon, but unique in its sound and approach.

The roots are musical too, as the Trashcans embrace the Scottish pop tradition from Aztec Camera and the Blue Nile to Belle & Sebastian and CHVRCHES and their place within it.

As Reader explains, it goes back to the band’s teenage days and nights: “When we were growing up in a small seaside town in Scotland called Irvine, some of the pubs were from 1600 or 1700 and surrounding them were bleak council estates. When you turned 18 you went to the city center, and it was like a rodeo on acid. We’d gravitate to the pubs that were accepting of goths and punks. It’s where we cut our teeth, as people, as friends, as a band.”

Human connection is always the key. This has been made palpable in the U.S. by the band’s tradition of playing “living room gigs” – shows performed in the homes of fans. “Those shows are part of who we are,” explains Reader, “so we’ll be playing both living room shows and more traditional venues this summer.”

“The muse is a moving target,” concludes Reader, “but I think this time we’ve struck it.” A listen to Wild Pendulum confirms Trashcan Sinatras have hit the bullseye. Come and check them out at our place!

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  1. Agreed – a magic live band, with a great back catalogue full of beautiful melodies and lyrics that range from sweet to sardonic. I hope this sells out…

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