The Vaudevillians – Tiger Dublin Fringe Review


The Vaudevillians – Jinkx Monsoon & Major Scales – Spiegeltent – Tiger Dublin Fringe Review by Frank L.

Dates Sep 19 – 20 @ 21:30 / Door 21:15 – Tickets €24
Duration 80 mins – Venue: Spiegeltent @ Merrion Square

Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales: The Vaudevillians

Jinkx and her somewhat puny husband Major Scales were stars of Vaudeville in the nineteen twenties but their career was cut short on their Arctic tour when engulfed in an avalanche caused by Jinkx hitting a perilously high note. However all was not lost because of the unusual concentrations of booze and coke in their blood coupled with the surrounding ice kept them in suspended animation for almost a hundred years. Then along came global warming which thawed the ice and enabled them to continue where their careers had been so unfortunately cut short. But their repertoire had been stolen by all sorts of “Johnnie Come Latelies” such as Kylie Minogue and Janis Joplin. They are not to be outgunned by these twerps and they perform in the show all their “classics” in their original arrangements. Quite a revelation!

As a married couple they do not fit the norm. Jinkx is considerably taller and more upholstered than the Major. She is a bit of a “glamour puss” first of all being restrained in a purple and mauve, floral, chiffon cocktail dress with a healthy slit up the front. It enables her to show off her fine ankles and imposing thighs to full effect. Her second confection is a full length, tight-fitting, gold, besequined sleeve dress which emphasises her curves. The Major is very much of the twenties dressed initially in plus fours and two toned brogues and then in white tie and tails complete with an overly large top hat. He accompanies Jinkx on the piano and adds additional subservient sheen to her glory.

During the performance needless to say Jinkx glides into the audience to find a young man to bring onto the stage and enjoys herself at other times having a bit of banter with the audience. It all creates loads of laughter and general bonhomie. Less successful was her attempt to bring a little local “Oirish” colour to the show. So many performers when on a visit to Dublin attempt this phenomenon. It is usually unwise and this was not to be an exception. At best it could be said it was met with polite smiles and embarrassed muted laughter.

Jinkx does not tip toe around the issues she chooses to discuss, she takes no prisoners as she barges in. She is blessed with a highly expressive face which she is able to contort with ease. These facial gymnastics stand her in good stead as she shares her innermost thoughts with her audience.



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