Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016 Highlights


Tiger Dublin Fringe 2016 by Frank L.

Last week in Sam’s Bar in Dawson Street, there was a preview of some of the acts that will appear in this year’s Fringe which officially opened on Saturday.

First up were five of the performers from Briefs Factory which will be performing their show “Hot Brown Honey” in the Spiegel Tent. These assertive women showed serious attitude with a good dollop of humour and looked like they will take no lip from anyone.

Next up was Up and Over It’s “Into the Water” which is comprised of Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding who are alumni of Riverdance and however remarkable their feet are, their hands are even more so. Like a pair of lovers having a straightforward row, they conducted the argument without a word passing between them but each in turn creating with their hands a complex rhythm gradually increasing the competitiveness of their row. It was mighty impressive as were their agile feet as they showed when they moved from sitting at the table.

Then came Joanne McNally’s “Bite Me” which is a solo stand up piece. She managed with elan to make the time with the therapist who helped her with an anorexia/bulimia eating disorder seem a lot more funny and entertaining than it probably was. She looks so svelte and elegant and her spiel is so assured it is difficult to imagine that she was ever in the clutches of any sort of disorder.

Finally it was “Ich liebe Dich Cabaret”. It was only a glimpse with one singer and a splendid key board accompanist. This was singing that could have been heard in the Twenties in Berlin even if the song chosen was from a later time. What the hell! The Fringe is not confined by historical time lines. It tries to find the essence of things. Weimar was a halcyon moment of creativity… no harm to try to reawaken its ethos.

Find it all and much more besides at:

@tigerdubfringe, #tigerdubfringe and facebook.com/dublinfringefestival


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