TV Picks of the Week – 05-09-16


TV Picks of the Week by Lisa Jewell

Whether you’re staying in or setting the DVR, we’ve your top cultural TV picks for the week ahead.

Documentary – Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue

Thursday 8 September, 9pm, BBC2

Film maker Richard Macer was given unprecedented access to the British style magazine in the lead up to its 100 years’ celebration. The result is this behind the scenes two-parter that examines how the magazine still manages to be the flag bearer for high fashion and attract celebs such as Kate Moss while managing to survive in challenging times for all print magazines.

This promises to be a bit spicier than The September Issue, the documentary that went behind the scenes at US Vogue. The fact that staff, including editor Alexandra Shulman, were not so keen on Macer being in their space all the time hints that there’s a bit of drama in store.

Continues next Thursday 15 September.


Film – The Postman Always Rings Twice

Friday 9 September, 11.55pm, RTE1

RTE has a habit of tucking away good movies just after The Late Late Show on a Friday night so it’s always worth checking out what’s on. This week, it’s the 1981 crime thriller The Postman Always Rings Twice which features classic Jack Nicholson and a luminous Jessica Lange.

Based on the 1934 novel of the same name and with a screenplay by David Mamet, the film follows drifter Frank (played by Nicholson) who stops off at a lonely roadside diner for a meal and promptly falls into an affair with diner co-owner Cora (Lange).

The only problem in their path is that she’s unhappily married to an older Greek man and so the twosome quickly come up with a devilish plan to remedy that.

The film got mixed reviews on its release in 1981, mostly because critics didn’t see why it had been remade (an earlier version in 1946 played out to critical acclaim). However, due to the chemistry of the leads and the quality of acting, it’s worth a watch.


Documentary – Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

Saturday 10th September, 4.45pm, Sky Arts

One of Johnny Cash’s biggest hits, Folsom Prison Blues, was originally released in 1955 but it’s the 1968 live version that topped the charts and went down in musical history.

This documentary takes a detailed look at the live album recorded at the California prison and features interviews with Cash’s family, band members and inmates who were there.


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