The Doggie Do – Herbert Park – 11-09-16


The Doggie Do – Herbert Park – 11-09-16

With today being National Dog Day, we thought we’d have a look at The Doggie Do which is supported by Dogs Trust. It is taking place in Herbert Park next month and is a celebration of all things that go woof in the night! Tickets are on sale from 10 euro for a single and 5 euro for kids. A family pass will set you back 30 euro.

The Doggie Do is a family-friendly festival for and about dogs and their humans. Expect a fun afternoon at Herbert Park on September 11th 2016. This year we’ll be hosting a very special guest; Mr John Grogan author of the wonderful Marley & Me. We’ll also have cultural chats, Doggie & Soul, chow, screenings and a canine costume competition to crown the ‘Dog Of Dublin 2016’. Our friends from Dogs Trust will be onsite with lots of fun & games too. A Mardi Gras for Mutt & Man indeed!

What’s that? How dare you accuse me of just writing about this so that I could put up lots of photos of cute dogs to help our ratings! That is just blatantly untrue and quite frankly beneath this fine institution.

For example, this photo of a fluffy dog dressed as Where’s Wally is used for the skill of the photographer and nothing more.


This one of a dog dressed as a super hero is used to illustrate the elevated notions we have of animals in our lives, and how they are fast becoming our heroes.


This one illustrates our own mortality and his fine epic pose makes us think of man’s battle against the grave.


This one is just coz he looks super cool!


For lots more dogs dressed as silly things, Herbert park on Sept 11th is the place to be!

NO REPRO FEE 12/9/2015 Pictured is Vivien Woodlock from Clonee, Co. Meath and 'Missy', winner of 'The Dog of Dublin 2015' canine costume competition at The Doggie Do, Ireland's first ever dog festival, which took place over the weekend in Dublin's Merrion Sq. The Doggie Do is a family-friendly festival for and about dogs, with talks, demos, grooming and a canine costume competition to crown the 'Dog Of Dublin 2015' and was hosted by Darren Kennedy. Photo: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

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