Electric Picnic 2016 – 5 Acts Not To Miss

ezra-furman-live-dublinElectric Picnic 2016

Ok, so we’re ignoring the really, really obvious ones and going for a few names that are not quite so obvious (but still pretty obvious really). And without further ado…

Ezra Furman – Regular readers of the site will not be surprised to see his name on this list! We’re big fans of what he does and seeing him on stage is always a spectacle. His recent gig in the Academy was one of the gigs of last year. There is a doubt over whether he could work a festival crowd as easily as he could a collection of his own fans, but still, not to be missed. He’s just about to release a new 6 track EP, which should make up a good portion of his set.

He also has a magical collection of music videos, so check them out below…


Kevin Morby – His new album ‘Singing Saw’ received a massive 8.3 from the once really cool (and now not quite so cool) music site Pitchfork. He’s certainly being tipped for the top of the Indie scene, and there’s a lot to like about his music. I’ve yet to see him live, but as a new name worth checking out, he’s certainly that.

He’s also another one with cool music videos, not quite so dead an art form as you might imagine!



Whitney – We really liked the new Whitney album, which we reviewed here! It’s a lovely chilled out affair, that should suit a mid-afternoon slot, which is hopefully where they’ll find themselves. Sit back, relax and enjoy it!

From our review – “The majority of the tracks are short lived bursts and the whole album doesn’t last particularly long. It’s strange for music such as this not to develop the grooves further, as there’s no real reason for them to last the length of the average punk song! Still, it does introduce some variation and the songs never get boring as they’re gone before you realise. It’s an album of warm, friendly pop songs that will have you humming along.”


Broken Social Scene – You may not realise it, but you are very lucky if you get to see them this summer! They’re only playing 7 gigs this summer, and they are their first gigs in 5 years! Where does the time go. They’re a great live band and should be pretty fantastic at a festival. Lead man Kevin Drew knows how to work a crowd! They’ve also started work on new songs together, so you could be among the first to hear these new tracks.



Frankie Cosmos – Another band I’ve been dying to check out have just found their way onto the list. They’re near the end of the list and almost in the small, small type. Another darling of the Pitchfork scene with some low-fi sounds, I’d imagine this would be another lovely mid afternoon set.

“Greta Kline’s musical output as Frankie Cosmos exemplifies the generation of musicians born out of online self-releasing. Kline initially built a reputation with her prolific catalogue of bedroom recordings and as a performer and advocate of New York’s All Ages DIY scene. The beauty in Kline’s writing does not lie within immense statements and large gestures, but instead can be found in her ability to examine situations and relationships with heartbreaking sincerity.”


I’ve managed to make myself quite excited now! Not long to wait…

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