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Søren Juul – This Moment – Album Review

COVERNORESIZE;1457089056150514;SrenJuul1457089056150514Søren Juul – This Moment – Album Review – 4AD

This is the first album released under Søren’s own name. His previous release was the 2013 album Somewhere Else released under the moniker of Indians, again on 4AD. He has toured with bands such as Beirut, Perfume Genius, Phosphorescent and Daughter. For his live performances he is joined on stage by guest musicians, but the album is very much his own work, and therefore the use of his own name comes as no real surprise. He has been described as ‘Denmark’s Bon Iver’, which will give you an indication of his musical style if nothing else. In truth, his vocal style is very far removed from Justin Vernon, but the layered synth sound is reminiscent of Bon Iver’s more recent work.

The tracks have a variety of arrangements, with a synth sound to the fore over distant dreamy vocals. The percussion sound is present but largely feels distant and is almost lost in the mix. Piano is evident on a number of tracks, such as Manly Beach, which is one of the most unadorned tracks on the album and possibly the better for it. That is until the sound swells after the first minute. Soulseeker follows a similar transition, with a piano and vocal track greeting you before everything expands outwards. It is one of the more successful tracks on the album.

Søren is from Denmark and has recently moved to a small ancient coastal town Svendborg, in Denmark’s South Eastern corner. This move from city to small town living is in some way reflected in the gentle ease of this album. It might catch the imagination of fans of Sigur Rós, but does feel smaller in scope and vision. It’s an album that may feel a little bit safe, but it is a gentle sound that certainly has its moments.

Irish Release Date –  Friday,17 June 2016

Track List:

1. Ambitions 04:19
2. Dear Child 04:15
3. Greenpoint 04:46
4. Don’t Want To Fool You 03:56
5. Epic Moon 03:53
6. Manly Beach 04:15
7. Soulseeker 06:05
8. Pushing Me Away 02:45
9. Seventeen 04:47
10. This Moment 03:46



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