Body & Soul Festival Review 2016 – Sat 18-06-16

Mercury Rev at Body&Soul

Mercury Rev at Body&Soul

Day Two of the festival and spirits remained high. The rain had held off so far, but there was little sign of the sun despite weather reports to the contrary! The day started with a nice brunch from the folks at Absolut and then a short set from Ciaran Lavery before the match. Ahem, yes, the match, much excitement and much disappointment!

From nursing our sorrows, I went straight to Yorkston/Thorne/Khan looking to be cheered up. James Yorkston arrived on stage and said ‘Hi, we’re from Belgium, and there are three of us’. A cruel blow from a Scottish man, but at least Ireland got there! Despite his harsh words, it was a lovely set and a nice change of direction from Yorkston.

The next band on the main stage were Jambinai who were the find of the festival in my mind. They are a post rock band from South Korea, who blend some native instruments along with some heavy metal guitar sounds. Surprisingly it works well, live at least.



Mercury Rev were next up and as they started to play the rain started to fall, which would last for much of the rest of the festival. An unwelcome sight even if it never got that heavy. The band released their first album in 1991 and are at the veteran stage of their career. Their latest album The Light In You was something of a return to form and it sounded good live. Neon Indian are an electronic band from Denton, Texas, who got the crowd dancing and ignoring the weather conditions.

Woods at Body&Soul

Woods at Body&Soul

The rain prompted me to visit the woods and to see the strange worlds there. There are a variety of light sculptures and other items dispersed through the woods, along with different stages featuring DJs and musicians. There is a wonderful feeling on these long Summer nights and a touch of enchantment in the air, like a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream where the fairy world is playing tricks on the mortals!

The headliners on the main stage were St. Germain and they were possibly the highlight of the night, with a massive crowd enjoying their high octane set. Hudson Mohawke closed the Main Stage for the night.

The festival has many of the typical complaints of all festivals; the toilets, the Irish weather and the mud but there is an attention to detail which is impressive. While it is still a music festival, the rest of the arts are all on display and there really is something for everyone, and a touch of magic in the woods!

Day Time Photos –

Night Time and Woods Photos –


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