At It Again – Romping through Dubliners


At It Again – Romping Through Dubliners

With today being Bloomsday, we thought it was as good a day as any to mention another lovely pocket book from the good people at ‘At It Again’. We previously mentioned their ‘Romping Through Dracula’ book here.

Their “James Joyce Romping through Ulysses Guide” has been out for a number of years, but they have dabbled with Joyce once more in this volume which deals with possibly the best collection of short stories of all time; Dubliners.

It’s a 60 page A6 book that will give you a new insight into Joyce’s work, along with a collection of cute illustrations.

James Joyce Romping through Dubliners Guide – €8.00 – “A fun pocket guide to Dubliners, James Joyce and the places that inspired him. A perfect gift for Bloomsday, birthdays and other special occasions. Made in Ireland.”



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