Preview – Roamer – Arthurs 5th/6th July


Roamer – Arthur’s Pub – July 5th & 6th.

Who the hell are Roamer, I hear you cry! Well, you’re excused for not knowing the name, as they’re a new project by some of the best of the Irish Jazz scene. The full blurb is below along with some music by those involved.

You can find out more about the gig on the lovely new IMC website here. You can buy tickets here.

Roamer is an exciting new project that brings together four of Ireland’s most internationally active improvising musicians for a two-night run at Dublin’s newest creative music hub.

Vocalist Lauren Kinsella was recently announced as the 2016 Jazz FM UK Vocalist of the Year; saxophonist Mathew Halpin was the first Irish musician to receive the presidential scholarship to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music; Simon Jermyn is one of the most in-demand creative music bassists in New York and drummer Matthew Jacobson tours Ireland and Europe frequently with many leading improvising musicians and ensembles.

Although based in Dublin, Cologne, New York and London, this July will see the four artists come together for one week, each contributing original material aimed at affording them the highest levels of openness, spontaneity and communication.

Three of the four musicians are also connected having released albums on Diatribe Records, Ireland’s leading label for new sounds, who will co-present this special event: Simon Jermyn ‘Hymni’ (DIASOL004, 2010); Thought-Fox (lead by Lauren Kinsella) ‘My Guess’ (DIACD013, 2013) and ReDiviDeR (lead by Mathew Jacobson) ‘Never odd or eveN’ (DIACD012, 2011) and ‘meets I Dig Monk, Tuned’ (DIACD016, 2013).

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