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Psychic Ills – Inner Journey Out – Album Review

Psychic Ills

Psychic Ills – Inner Journey Out – Album Review

This  is the fifth album by New York’s Psychic Ills, a two piece with frontman Tres Warren and Elizabeth Hart on bass. They have been making albums for over a decade with a similar zoned out feel. This album includes a variety of guest musicians, with Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, featuring front and centre on their lead single “I Don’t Mind”. Their touring keyboard player Brent Cordero also features, along with a collection of drummers and percussionists including Chris Millstein, Harry Druzd of Endless Boogie, Derek James of The Entrance Band. Their sound is not a world away from Mazzy Star, in their laid back vibe throughout. The production is deliberately dirty and flawed, giving a late night club feel to the proceedings.

There is some variation in sound, with hints of gospel in “Another Change”. “New Mantra” creates a vibe and sticks with it, with the feel of freedom and wildness. “Coca-Cola Blues” gives much away in the title, with typical blues riffs along with harmonica before breaking to ethereal keyboards.

‘l don’t want to spent no more time thinking any more, don’t want to spend no more time, staring at the door’ – Coca-Cola Blues

There’s a tinge of Jazz in “Ra Wah Wah” but the production unites the sound and keeps the vibe. There are hints of the Jesus and Mary Chain about their sound, along with many other low-fi heroes. The main flaw is that the album retains a similar speed and sound throughout, but it could just as easily be praised for the same reason. It’s an album that rambles nicely and brings the listener along for the ride.

Track List:

1. Back To You
2. Another Change
3. I Don’t Mind (feat. Hope Sandoval)
4. Mixed Up Mind
5. All Alone
6. New Mantra
7. Coca-Cola Blues
8. Baby
9. Music In My Head
10. No Worry
11. Hazel Green
12. Confusion (I’m Alright)
13. Ra Wah Wah
14. Fade Me Out





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