Father Tinker Soldier – New Theatre – Review

Father, Tinker, Soldier

Father Tinker Soldier – New Theatre – Review by Frank L.

Written and Performed by Michael Collins

Apr 25th – Apr 30th @ 7.30pm
Preview Mon 25 April. Opens Tues 26 April.
Tickets: €16 (€12.50 conc.)

The title in some ways tells it all but not quite. Michael Collins is a story teller. He is from the travelling community and the story he tells is of his community. He tells the story of a Travelling family as handed down verbally by his granny and parents. It is therefore the story of relatively recent times.

It begins where much public memory is currently concentrated; the outbreak of the First World War.  In the decade of commemorations, the First World War and the War of Independence feature. Amongst the role call of the dead in the British Army at Gallipoli were a grandfather and an uncle of Collins. This information places the Travelling community in a similar situation to many in the settled community. Such information has conveniently been ignored by settled community.

Collins has the advantage that he tells the story of his community in his own words, with the songs that he was brought up with, and the superstitions and funny memories all families have. Just like any other story teller, he does his own editing. He decides what to emphasise and what to down play or ignore. While he recounts moments of sadness and tribulation, there is a sense of pride in the lives in his recent ancestors. There is also a palpable sense of joy.

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