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Ought – Whelan’s – 24-04-16 – Live Review


Ought – Whelans – 24-04-16

Ought came on stage at half nine to much excitement. They’re a band who have a growing reputation, based on a couple of impressive albums in their short career to date. They’re a four piece with guitar, bass, keyboards and drums which is a relatively standard rock formation. They wear their influences on their sleeve, with bands like the Fall and Pavement being obvious starting points. They do add something new to the pot and their quirky lyrical content make them a cut above the average. Their second album on Constellation Records ‘Sun’s Coming Down’ was released last year.

There were few formalities on display as the band launched into a stream of punk pop tunes, with the title track of the new album Sun’s Coming Down before the Combo and Passionate Turn; all before the crowd had even caught its breath. Main man Tim Darcy bears a striking likeness to a young Feargal Sharkey. His few words from the stage were dead pan and succinct, other than the usual comments about loving being back in Ireland. There was a show of hands for those who had seen them at the Workman’s Club on their last visit and also a query on what exactly the Easter Rising was, a joke he assured immediately afterwards!

They’d barely been on stage for an hour when they said that this was their last song and true to their word they disappeared stage right. They returned for a two song encore before leaving the audience for good. A short, sharp blast of guitar action mainly featuring their new album, with the odd skirmish to what went before. Whether this band will scale the heights of those they emulate, we’ll have to wait and see, but they certainly have the talent and enough originality to push them to the next level.

Support Act –

Support on the night was an all girl trio ‘Fierce Mild’, featuring the classic line up of guitar, bass and drums. All three members sang and it was a high octane set. The three piece were joined by a saxophonist for a number of tracks. They were a surprisingly accomplished outfit that got the crowd nicely warmed up for the main act.




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