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Glenn Jones – Arthur’s Bar – 23-04-16 – Live Review


Enthusiastic Eunuch Presents – Glenn Jones (Thrill Jockey)
Support – Landless & Rue
Saturday 23rd April – Arthur’s Bar, Thomas St

The last time Glenn Jones played Dublin, it was in an Opticians on Kildare street. This time out, he played a packed pub on Thomas Street called Arthur’s Bar. At this rate of exponential growth, the Three Arena will surely be next! Dublin seems to have woken up to the American guitarist, and in truth it’s about time.

The night had an interesting blend of music, as Glenn Jones pointed out before he started his set. Rue were the first band on stage, who are an Irish three-piece that feature fiddle, banjo and accordion among other instruments. They play a variety of sea shanties, murder ballads and folks songs, mostly with grisly ends for their main protagonists.

Next up was possibly the most unusual act of the night, with Landless who are a four piece choir (four part harmony) formed in the halls of NCAD as they said themselves. They definitely pass the Bechdel test, despite their worries on the topic as all four members are female.

Glenn Jones then took the stage just after half ten, and started off with Flower Turned Inside-Out which was the first single off his new album Fleeting. The night was typical for Glenn, as he combines story telling with his beautiful guitar playing. He is of the American Primitive school of guitar, which is something of a misnomer, as he is incredibly skilled with his instrument, with complicated finger plucking throughout. He told stories of his mentor; John Fahey. The described him as a man of excess, saying that when he smoked, he chain smoked etc. He also somehow found time to record over 40 albums and form his own record label. He also talked of Robbie Basho before playing Portrait Of Basho As A Young Dragon. Basho was another guitarist of huge talent, but not near as successful as Fahey. He told the origin of the song Mother’s Day, which was written on the first Mother’s day after the death of his own Mother, a song that captures the painful memories and emotions. The set lasted for just over an hour with Glenn playing Banjo and Guitar and telling tales of his musical inspirations.








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