New Music – Frightened Rabbit – Death Dream


This is an early offering from the new album by Frightened Rabbit, and if this is anything to go by… it could be quite promising!

I’ll leave you with the words of lead singer Scott Hutchison below.

It’s been over three years since we released Pedestrian Verse (I know, lazy bastards, eh?) and we now find ourselves edging closer to bringing you our new album, Painting Of A Panic Attack. After the PV tour wrapped up in early 2014, we spent the following 18 months writing and recording in various rooms until we distilled it all into the 12 songs which make up the album.

In truth, it’s not been a lazy time at all. We ended up with about 30 demos to choose from, having spent our time thrashing out ideas in Glasgow, Monmouth, Conwy, Los Angeles and New York. Recording began in earnest last summer at Dreamland Studios near Woodstock, with Aaron Dessner on production duties, and the entire process only came to a close about a month ago. It’s hard to let go sometimes…

This is the start of letting go. We’re incredibly excited to give you the first listen to track one from Painting Of A Panic Attack. The song is called Death Dream. It seemed like an appropriate place to begin, as it was from this song that the album title was taken. The title, as with the song, is intended as a beautiful depiction of something horrific. The kind of thing you can’t stop looking at, or perhaps listening to, even though it’s rather painful at times. – Scott

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