Microdisney – New Theatre – Review


Microdisney – New Theatre – Review

Clodagh has a loose grip on reality and this is her story told in her own words. She has left the hospital and her nurse behind and is venturing into the unknown. She recalls the day she went looking for the White Rabbit. She saw a glimpse of him at first and decided she had to follow. She had help in this task from Gerathy, the man she loves. She goes to the waters edge to finally meet the rabbit but is not sure what to expect.

This is a story told from the perspective of a slightly unhinged mind, brought to life by Judith Ryan. The stage is barren other than for a single object at its centre meant to represent a rock. Clodagh (Ryan) arrives on stage in a white night dress with a deranged look in her eyes, her hair unkempt and starts to tell her tale.

This is a new play by AC productions who have produced many plays over the last few years, with a strong emphasis on classics such as Shakespeare, Beckett and Pinter. This play is by writer Neil Finn and is a diverse and difficult work, at times reminiscent of Beckett, with the narrator lost in a world she doesn’t full understand. Finn’s previous work Clocked, was a winner in the International Playwriting Festival held at the Warehouse Theatre, London.

Much of this story is hard to decipher. The narrative changes quickly between setting and location, and expects the audience to keep up. To further complicate it, the story is not entirely based in reality as many elements are figments of an irrational mind. It’s a struggle at times to piece together the tale we are being told, but there are moments of hilarity and sadness that keep us intrigued. The performance of Judith Ryan is the main point of interest, as with any one woman show. She is engaging in the role and drags the audience into her manic state of existence. She is at times mesmerising as you find yourself immersed in her world.

Jan 18th – Jan 23rd @ 7.30pm
Tickets: €16 (€12.50)

Microdisney by Neil Flynn – Presented by AC Productions

Performed by Judith Ryan

Directed by Peter Reid

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