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Lloyd Cole – A Year in Music


We asked Lloyd Cole for his thoughts on a year in music. You can see the results below…


Tell me about some of the music you enjoyed most in 2015, can be new or old.

Bob Dylan – Self Portrait

Wanda Jackson – Hard Headed Woman



Various JJ Cale

Vince Gill & Paul Franklin – Bakersfield



Various Plastikman



Recent Scott Walker + collaborations

Game of Life Made of Wood compilation



Lots of DIY (and some pro) electronics on You Tube and Vimeo


Anything that particularly disappointed?

War On Drugs & Syro



What sort of year have you had yourself?

Strange. Varied. Commotions box set was a lot of work, but it was nice how it was received, and then end of Standards touring… into electronic focus. 1D release and then September live electronics which was difficult and not entirely successful IMO. But the shortcomings have kept me working at having a viable live electronic system and that has taken up most of the rest of the year. I’m still at it now.


How important is music in your life these days?

It’s still pretty much everything aside from family and golf.


Non-musical highlight of 2015?

Golf in Nova Scotia with my son Frank with wife as photographer and occasional cheerleader.


What’s in store for you for 2016?

Another box set – 1st 4 solo albums, etc. My first and probably last ‘retro’ concerts, then recording a new record. I wish I had time to play in the Massachusetts Senior Amateur as I will be eligible (55) but I don’t think I will have time…



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