Ice Queen – Milano Ranelagh – Review

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The Ice Queen – Milano Ranelagh – Theatre Review

There has been a murder, Vanessa was found dead in the walk in freezer. She was the boss of the restaurant and didn’t have too many friends. She had a sharp tongue and enjoyed using it on her staff. In fact, all of the staff would have a motive to carry out the crime, they all had their reasons to want her dead. The police are left with a difficult task to pick apart the perfect crime from CCTV footage and interviews with the staff members. Has the murderer left a thread that could be unplucked?

This is a new work written and directed by Shane Nestor. The cast is made up from amateur actors that are part of the Act Up class he runs. We get to meet hen parties, strippers, disgruntled diners, waiters, chefs and a variety of other characters over the course of the play. The unusual setting for this piece is one of the surprising and exciting things about it. The play takes place in the upstairs room in Milano, Ranelagh, and the price of your admission comes with a free pizza (or salad if you’re watching the calories!). As the play itself is set in a restaurant, this is the perfect setting and allows the actors to make use of the various exits they have at their disposal. After the audience finished their food and with a bit of movement of chairs and tables, the play begins…

As this is an amateur production, the cast members are of various acting ability, but all could be said to throw themselves enthusiastically into their parts. Some have greater ease in their roles than others, but all seem to enjoy their moment on stage. The play is quite complex and there must have been a considerable amount of rehersal. The play itself is an amusing whodunnit and has many comedic moments. The concept behind this production is inventive and different from the norm. The idea to set a piece of theatre in a restaurant is a first from my perspective, but it is a natural enough idea in a space that may not have otherwise been used. This is an enjoyable and creative work, which should hopefully encourage theatre makers to look for unusual spaces in which they can perform!

The Ice Queen ran from December 3rd to 5th at Milano, Ranelagh.

Read our Interview with Shane Nestor here.

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