RM Hubbert – A Year in Music


We had the chance to interview RM Hubbert and get his thoughts on a year in Music. You can see the results below…

Tell me about some of the music you enjoyed most in 2015, can be new or old.

I’ve probably listened to Kathryn Joseph’s debut, Bones you have thrown me and blood I’ve spilled, the most this year. It’s one of the most beautiful, haunting albums I’ve ever heard. Hypoxia by Kathryn Williams is brilliant too. Other than that, the latest albums by Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat and The Twilight Sad have been on a lot. My favourite new artist is HQFU. Can’t wait for her album. Urban Blanca too. Great band.




Anything that particularly disappointed?

I found the new Joanna Newsom record underwhelming. May just need some more time with it.



What sort of year have you had yourself?

Pretty quiet. I decided to scale back the touring this year to concentrate on making a new record. Have ended up working on three different ones, the first of which should be out early next year. Other than that, spending some time on the beach with the dog, that sort of thing.


How important is music in your life these days?

Weirdly, the more important my own music has become to me, the less I listen to others. Touring and making records is my job as well as an emotional crutch now so it’s all encompassing.


Non-musical highlight of 2015?

Meeting a very cool lady.


What’s in store for you for 2016?

New album out in the springtime then touring for the rest of the year. Should hopefully finish those other two albums at some point as well.


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