Interview with Jacco Gardner – Workman’s Club – 26-09-15


We got the chance to talk to Jacco Gardner ahead of his gig in the Workman’s Club tonight, and you can see the results below! It promises to be a great evening.

You are described as a multi-instrumentalist, how many instruments do you play?

I really depends on the way you look at it. Compared to some people I play no instruments at all. But in general I can do something with any kind of instrument.

Are you one of those annoying people that can pick up any instrument and play it?

I can play it but it might sound horrible!

You are said to love vintage instruments, does this mean you are always looking for oddities in junk shops and other places?

Yes, going to those kind of shops is always one of the main things I do when I get to a new city.

What is the most interesting instrument you found and where?

Optigan. Found it in a barn somewhere in Holland collecting dust. The guy sold it to me for close to nothing. I also found an antique “Steinweg” Piano (built by one of the Steinway brothers who stayed in Germany and didn’t change the name). Found it in a church for 5 euro!

You seem to have been touring extensively over the last few years with a variety of bands. Has this altered the way you see the world?

Yes. In too many ways to even mention. I guess in general my world has become a lot bigger and smaller at the same time.
Have you played in Ireland before?

Nope, first time!

What were your main influences musically growing up?

Leonard Cohen, Simon and Garfunkel, early Pink Floyd, The Zombies, Soft Machine

What sort of musical arrangement can we expect to see at the Workman’s club on Saturday, are you travelling with a band?

Yes. Five piece band. Keys, Acoustic guitar, Bass, Electric and Drums. And most of us sing too!


Aiken Promotions presents Jacco Gardner

Date: 26 Sep 2015
Time: 8pm
Ticket Price: €12.50 BUY TICKET


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