Fly me to the Moon – Gaiety Theatre – Review


Fly me to the Moon – Gaiety Theatre – Review
2 September 2015 – 12 September 2015

Featuring Tara Lynne O Neil and Katie Tumelty
Written and Directed by Marie Jones

Francis and Loretta are two average care workers in Belfast who meet every day to look after Davy, an elderly man in their locality. Davy had a stroke and can no longer do the simple things in life. They get him out of bed in the morning and help him to go to the toilet and with his meals. The care workers are a pair of rough diamonds, two women who struggle to balance the books but show great affection for their friends and family. When Davy drops dead on their watch, after the initial shock, they see an opportunity to make the best of a bad situation, and make a decision they’ll live to regret!

This is a new work written and directed by Marie Jones, best know for writing Stones in his Pockets and Women On The Verge Of HRT. While she is well known as a writer, this is her debut as a stage director and she takes to the role with ease. While this play is another two hander, it does not ask as much of its cast as Stones in his Pockets, as the two actors perform one character only. It is more traditional in nature and relies on the writing for the comedy.

This is very much light entertainment, and if you’re looking for complex plot structures or existential angst, look elsewhere. Other than a few moments of coarse language, it is a play for the whole family. It is a story that shows a strong friendship between two women and the actors (Tara Lynne O Neil and Katie Tumelty) are well seasoned in the parts, having performed these roles for a number of years. The tension builds nicely towards the finale, as the imagination of the two care workers starts to play tricks on them. While never hitting the heights of her previous work Stones in his Pockets, this play has many comedic moments and Jones is well seasoned in the difficult task of making the audience laugh.

Patrick Talbot Productions and Rathmore Productions present –

FLY ME TO THE MOON – Directed by Marie Jones

2 September – 12 September 2015 – Gaiety Theatre

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