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Flesh World – The Wild Animals In My Life – Album Review


Flesh World – The Wild Animals In My Life – Album Review by Killian Laher

Flesh World hail from the west coast of America, yet make decidedly non-west coast sounding music. Opening track To Lose Me has a decidedly grungy, indie sound with growling guitars and Jess Scott droning effortlessly over them. The album is a bunch of short, sharp, sub-three minute numbers, none of which outstay their welcome. There’s more to this band than brevity – the songs take some A-list influences (My Bloody Valentine, Bob Mould etc) but put a cool, 2015 twist on them on catchy pop thrills like Just To Tear Me Down and the title track. Well, catchy in a sub-Velvet Underground universe where everybody wears black all the time and black out shades indoors.

The album doesn’t let up either, Shaved Head, Strawberry Bomber and Your Love Like A Horse barrel along, all cranky guitars and thudding drums, while Poolside Boys provides a change of pace, and a sound harking back to early Siouxsie and the Banshees. The final track Here In The Dark is by far the longest at over six minutes. Here they take the Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray, Nirvana’s Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, plus essence of Sonic Youth and mix it all together. This melting pot allows the band to stretch out a bit, though it must be said they extend the track to grating point by the end of it.

As an album it doesn’t present anything radically different, rather it distils some of the greatest sulky bands of the last 30 years or so into a fine blend. Wear any colour as long it’s black, grow a fringe and for God’s sake don’t remove those shades for this album’s 26 minute running time.

Track List –

1. To Lose Me
2. Just To Tear Me Down
3. The Wild Animals In My Life
4. Shaved Head
5. Poolside Boys
6. Strawberry Bomber
7. Your Love Is Like A House
8. Here In The Dark

Just To Tear Me Down:


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