Saint Etienne – 8-09-15 – NCH


If you were not wearing short pants in the early 90s, you were probably dancing to this! Saint Etienne are re-visiting one of the classic albums of the 90s on the 8th of Spetember in the National Concert Hall. Their ’91 release Foxbase Alpha is the album in question, which was their first release and many consider their finest moment.

ESB Live 2015: Saint Etienne – Foxbase Alpha – Tuesday 8th September, 8.00pm

90’s indie dance/pop sensation Saint Etienne will perform their treasured debut album Foxbase Alpha in full at the National Concert Hall on Tuesday 8th September, 8pm as part of ESB Live 2015. The three piece band; Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs released the album in 1991 on the newly founded Heavenly Recordings label and the band have opted to play it in its entirety as a celebration of the label’s 25th birthday.

Foxbase Alpha is considered one of the defining records of the era – a sort of post-acid house/60s pop fusion that hit in the wake of the so-called Second Summer of Love and was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize in 1992, the first year of the much coveted award. Featuring hit songs such as Only Love Can Break Your Heart and Nothing Can Stop Us, the album is seen as house music for indie kids, mixing standard TR-909 drum patterns and Italo piano riffs with found dialogue and the gritty sounds of London’s underground scene.


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