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The Go! Team – Whelan’s – 20-06-15 – Gig Review

The Go! Team rock Whelans

It is fair to say that the Go! Team seemed like a big band playing a small venue! The six piece band complete with roadies and sound engineer took to the stage in Whelan’s just after 9.30 to an expectant crowd. While their recent albums have not taken the charts by storm, there’s more than enough in their back catalogue to make this an exciting Saturday night, and lead vocalist Ninja is worth the price of admission alone!

The opening track ‘The Power is On’ was from their 2005 Mercury nominated album ‘Thunder, Lightning, Strike’ and the set list had a good splattering of highlights through their career including Grip Like A Vice and Apollo Throwdown but the main focus was on their most recent album ‘The Scene Between’.

The musical arrangement was complex to say the least with two drum kits, mouth organs, recorders, guitars, synths and a variety of samples along with two lead vocalists sharing duties on the microphone. Ninja (Nkechi Ka Egenamba) is a source of constant amusement, bounding around the stage with more energy than the average gym instructor. They also look great, and it’s always good to see a band made up of members that are not four white guys. The Go! Team are a source of positive energy and there was much dancing, bouncing and crowd participation to make this the perfect Saturday night to forget the troubles of the rest of the week!

Glockabelle played support on the night. She played very loud synth pop along with her drummer who was dressed as a cat. She also did an amazing thing with thimbles. She asked the crowd what was the Irish for thimbles and nobody knew! Shame on us. Google translate tells me it is ‘mheirini’.

Set List –

The Power is On
The Scene Between
Waking the Jetstream
Grip Like A Vice
Huddle Formation
What D’ya Say
She’s Got Guns
Get It Together
Gaffa Tape Bikini
Everyone’s a VIP
The Keys to the City
The Art of Getting By

– Encore –
Buy Nothing Day
Apollo Throwdown


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