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Bully – Feels Like – Album Review


Bully – Feels Like – Album Review by Killian Laher

Bully play a brand of shouty, early 90s style alt-rock. Singer Alicia Bognanno does a fine Courtney Love on the sub two-minute opener, belting out the lyrics. Reason and Too Tough are more representative of the album, sort of like Juliana Hatfield in her heavier moods but again they don’t outstay their welcome, hitting the finish line around the three minute mark.

Brevity is key here on these eleven short, sharp shocks. Agreeable stomp Trying veers a little close to the Pixies’ Gigantic for comfort, though it showcases Bognanno’s fine throaty roar. The rest of the band provide able back up on rockers like Trash, and the heavy-riffing Six but nothing here is particularly… surprising. It doesn’t exactly reinvent rock n roll but sometimes you don’t need to, you just need something to jump around and throw shapes to. This does a decent job at fulfilling that.

1. I Remember
2. Reason
3. Too Tough
4. Brainfreeze
5. Trying
6. Trash
7. Six
8. Picture
9. Milkman
10. Bully
11. Sharktooth


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