A Lesson In When To Quit – Theatre Upstairs – Review

a lesson in when to quit

A Lesson In When To Quit – Theatre Upstairs – Until June 27th

Ruby was a child star. She went for an audition with Mr. Headski and despite her obvious lack of talent happened to be in the right place at the right time. She got the perfect part that landed her an Oscar and the chance at fortune and fame. From that point on, things started to go downhill for Ruby. She failed in audition after audition, before ending up in adverts and eventually working as a waitress in a local restaurant. She wasn’t alone though, she still had her sister Sandy who had been with her through thick and thin. While Mr. Headski had since departed this mortal coil, his two sons Archie and Dick (Headski) had taken over the family business. Archie has long since been infatuated with Ruby, but would her plans to regain her fame and fortune stop her from seeing what is right in front of her eyes?

This is described as a screwball comedy and it lives up to the reputation. The pace never slips in this unusually complicated story and the four actors play their roles with smiles on their faces. The gags keep coming, and while one or two fall flat, there is no end to the flow and there are a number of genuinely laugh out loud moments. There are original songs in the piece that are well crafted and often combined with dance routines that add to the hilarity.

The set is also part of the general confusion, as the hap hazard furniture is literally on the brink of falling apart. There are a number of elaborate set changes as the play moves between locations, from offices to bedrooms and night clubs. The actors battle with the various elements and hope that they remain in place, which they frequently don’t! It all adds to the chaos though, and leaves an element of chance to proceedings that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

The play is performed fast and loose and never worries too much about the detail. It’s a fun ride so just strap in and let the madness begin. It is deeply irreverent and will find a home with a more youthful audience but fans of Mel Brooks should also enjoy the proceedings.

DATES / TIMES: 16 June 2015 – 27 June 2015 – 7.00PM / Tuesday – Saturday

1.00PM (matinee) / Wednesday + Saturday



Teri Fitzgerald / RUBY

Ashleigh Dorrell / SANDY

Kieran Roche / ARCHIE

Keith James Walker / DICK


Teri Fitzgerald / WRITER

Philip Doherty / DIRECTOR

Naomi Rossini / SET DESIGN


Noelle Slacke / COSTUME DESIGN

Dearbhla Collins, Teri Fitzgerald and Sarah Shine / COMPOSER

Rob Devlin / PRODUCER

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