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Coleen – Captain of None – Album Review


Colleen is the name that French artist Cecile Schott uses for her musical pursuits. This new album features a variety of stringed instruments, electronic sounds, percussion and her own delicate, fragile voice to piece together eight songs that aim for something transient and ephemeral. The main instruments are the treble viola da gamba and her own voice but many other sounds are introduced. There are no anthems or game changers contained within these eight tracks, just a collection of warm and textured songs.

Holding Horses opens the album with a sea of plucked strings and electronics for an instrumental number that is stays constant, never building or diminishing until its final moments. ‘I’m Kin’ adds her vocal to the mix which remains for most of the rest of the album.

‘I’m kin to two stones making fire
I’m kin to melted ice giving water
I’m kin to the rock that made me fall
I’m kin to what I tread on’

This Hammer Breaks is all about the driving percussion as a wave of bongos and vocals greets you, which are then dismantled and pieced together again. It is the most playful of the songs and after the first couple of minutes the vocals disappear completely to focus on the manic drumming which is then set upon in a variety of fashions. There is much space in the music and a sense of calm, she is not afraid to allow a solitary voice or instrument to play as in Lighthouse.

If the album has a failing it is that it doesn’t have enough variation of sound. This album is small in its scope, it does not aim for the stars, but instead tries to create a small and comfortable space for the listener. If you allow it the time it deserves, it is a enjoyable space to occupy.

Find out more about Colleen here.

01. Holding Horses
02. Im Kin
03. This Hammer Breaks
04. Salina Stars
05. Lighthouse
06. Soul Alphabet
07. Eclipse
08. Captain of None

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