New Music – Columbia Mills – The Perfect Day

Columbia Mills

Dublin band Columbia Mills release their new EP ‘The Perfect Day’ on Friday June 12th ahead of their gig in Whelan’s of Dublin on Saturday June 13th.With comparisons to New Order, The Cure and LCD Sound System, they’re worth checking out…

You can find full details of the gig here.

Columbia Mills celebrates their current EP ‘Factory Settings’. Their next single from this EP is set to be “The Advanced Stages Of Falling Apart”.
From the unsuspecting seaside town of Bray on Irelands east coast emerge Columbia mills. A collective tour de force creating a head-onistic mix of musical textures, reverb saturated guitars, glorious beats & beautiful tragic sounds.

Imagine the Jesus and Mary chain making a ‘Screamadelica’ and you’re close.
The bands name comes from the legendary building based on Dublin’s Quays. In the early 90s the building became a mecca for the illegal rave scene bringing people together from all walks of life and all musical tastes. The diversity of music and social classes is something that has left a lasting impression on the city and has not since been rediscovered since Police put an end to the institution in an early morning raid.

Columbia Mills touch on the 80s synth sounds of New Order and The Cure and fuse them with the 90s indie guitar sounds of The Verve and Primal Scream on a bed of electronic and organic beats a la Massive Attack and LCD Sound System.



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