Peruvian Voodoo – Theatre Upstairs – Review


Peruvian Voodoo – Written and Directed by Lee Coffey

Following the slick, swift text of Leper & Chip written by Lee Coffey, he continues with a text of machine-gun rapidity in Peruvian Voodoo. There are three men who each recount a portion of their life in Dublin. They do not know each other. But in fact their lives will intertwine with each other and with Peruvian Voodoo.

The set is of many beer kegs (presumably empty) stacked along the back wall creating three niches. Each actor sits in a niche. The first character O’Brien (Laurence Falconer) recounts his story for about twenty minutes. The delivery is very fast and with marked, physical gesticulation. You are almost winded by its pell-mell speed. There is no time to reflect until Murphy (Finbarr Doyle) bombards you with his story which is of similar length. By this stage Peruvian Voodoo, little red pills, are in the mix.

Then finally Behan (Kevin C. Olohan) continues the story from his perspective with helter skelter speed too. Throughout there has not been any time to reflect or to visualise in your mind a profile of each of the characters. It all has been delivered to you far faster than any fast food joint could. It has been a roller coaster of bewildering speed. The brain is almost overloaded and near to crashing. To give the brain some relief it might be better to deliver one of the monologues or a small part of each monologue at a slightly slower, calmer pace to assist the audience in keeping all the various strands of the three stories in order in their heads.

That said this show takes place nightly at the handy time of 7pm.  You can nip into it before setting out on your night out. It will be like taking a few shots to get your evening started and it will be far better for you.

Review by Frank L

Theatre Upstairs Web Site

Dates / Times:

19 May 2015 – 30 May 2015

7.00PM / Tuesday – Saturday

1.00PM (matinee) / Wednesday + Saturday

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