New Music: Ríona Sally Hartman – Show Me


Ríona Sally Hartman is the lead singer of the band Monster, Monster. This is the first single off her debut album, which will be launched in Smock Alley on June 14th.

As she says herself, the single is ‘pure good times, clap and sing along in the sunshine acoustic pop! Hope you like it’.

About her new album – Big Starving Thing

Songs are sung from the point of view of a cast of characters: there’s Tom Peeping who falls in love with every woman he sees but never speaks to them; there’s the Fish who’s so obsessed with Frida Kahlo it chases a spinner to wear it as an earring; and then there’s Sally a very talented but frustrated fortune teller.

The songs are influenced by musicians who blend pop sensibilities with contemporary jazz and classical compositional ideas such as Becca Stevens, Julie Feeney and Bjork. Lyrically her main influences are contemporary storytellers who combine surrealist and fantastical elements with astute observations on universal experiences, such as the short stories of Miranda July and Neil Gaiman.

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