I’m Going Through Something – Cobalt Cafe – Review


I’m Going Through Something – Cobalt Cafe – Review by  Battus 5th – 9th May

Title: I’m Going Through Something

Sub-heading: Before I speak with Putin

Country: Russia (performed in English)

Written and performed by Dean Kriel, this show starts out promisingly enough. Each audience member has a copy of the “script” which may be more or less followed. And a pencil. Apprehension sets in a little when the audience is asked to tear off the last page. It is to be folded. Like this… Ho-hum. Origami boats …

There isn’t a narrative but there are preoccupations: the nature of truth and deception, sexuality and sex acts in all their variations. There is audience participation. There is poetry – or poetic language to be more precise. Kriel’s performance is intense, charismatic and occasionally engaging.

However, in the end the lack of a coherent script or sense of theatrical purpose make for a rather sterile experience. Think Murphy’s Mommo meets Beckett’s Lucky but without the sure hand of a playwright.

Continuing at Cobalt Café, 16 North Great George’s St. until Saturday.

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